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CyberScan PC 300

Product Features

:: Waterproof and Dustproof Housing - IP67 rated, ideal for rugged harsh conditions. Plus it floats!
:: Multi-parameter - toggle between pH/temperature and Conductivity/temperature at touch of buttons
:: Multi-Point Push-button Calibration (up to 3/4 points for pH/Conductivity) - for easy, quick calibration
:: Auto-Buffer Recognition for pH calibration - no calibration mistakes
:: Auto-Ranging for Conductivity measurements for fast response and best resolution over measurement range
:: User-Customization for enhanced flexibility and viewing of Conductivity/TDS effective cell constants per range, electrode diagnosis - pH slope/offset/mV base value, previous calibration points, etc.
:: Stability Indicator prompts whenever reading stabilizes
:: Auto-Hold Function automatically freezes reading when stabilized for easy viewing and recording
:: Auto-Power Off saves battery power after non-use
:: Self-Diagnostic with message codes for easy troubleshooting
:: Large Easy-to-Read Custom LCD with simultaneous display provides optimum viewing with user-friendly icons
:: Easy Interchangeability of electrodes caters for other specialty electrodes for specific applications
:: Rugged Carrying Case (Included) provides handy on-site meter calibration and measurement

Carrying Kit



Industrial: For checking metal finishing, cooling tower water, printing fountain solutions, boiler water, brines, rise tanks, ponds, pollution control, recirculating systems, waste water and industrial process systems. Useful for food analysis and quality assurance testing.

Water Quality Testing: For analyzing water hard water, drinking water, effluent water, and incoming process water. Ideal for all types of quality assurance and water quality testing.

Environmental/Agricultural: For ecology studies, aquaculture and hydroponics.

Educational: Ideal for quick pH and conductivity checks in laboratories and schools.


Product Specification Description
pH Range -2.00 to 16.00 pH
Resolution & Accuracy 0.01 pH & 0.01 pH
Conductivity Range 0 to 19.99, 199.9, 1999 S/cm; 19.99, 199.9 mS/cm
TDS Range 0 to 9.99, 99.9, 999 ppm; 9.99, 99.9 ppt, 
Max. 199.9 ppt (depending on factor setting)
Resolution & Accuracy 0.1, 1 mV & 0.1, 1 mV
Temperature Range 0 to 100.0 C; 32.0 to 212 F (Meter)
Resolution & Accuracy 0.1 C & 0.3 C; 0.1 F & 0.5 F
No. of pH Calibration Points Up to 5 points
pH Buffer Option USA: pH 1.68, 4.01, 7.00, 10.01, 12.45
NIST: pH 1.68, 4.01, 6.86, 9.18, 12.45
No. of Conductivity Calibration Points 5 points (max. 1 per range)
Cond. to TDS Conversion Factor 0.40 to 1.00 (selectable)
Temperature Compensation Automatic / Manual (0 to 100 C)
Special Functions Stability Indicator; Auto Power-Off after 30 minutes; 
Hold; Self-diagnostics messages
Power 4 'AAA' x 1.4V batteries

Order Information

Order No.

EC-PCWP300/03K Waterproof CyberScan PC 300 Portable pH / Conductivity / TDS Meter with pH electrode (EC-FC72522-01B), Conductivity electrode (ECCONSEN91W), 2 electrode holders (12mm dia. 15X000700 & 16mm dia. 15X00702) & pH/Conductivity carrying kit set (EC-PCWP-KIT)
EC-PCWP-KIT pH/Conductivity Kit Set Plastic Carrying Case comprises: 1 x pH 7.00, 1413 mS, 12.88 mS KCl (60 ml) and 1 x empty rinse water bottle (480 ml)
EC-CONSEN91W 2 Stainless Steel Rings Ultem-body Electrode with ATC, cell constant K=1.0, 14x110 mm, 6-pin connector, 1m cable length

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