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Buffer & Calibration Solutions (480 ml)


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Buffers and calibration solutions packed in 480 ml durable plastic bottles – economical and convenient for laboratory use.



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pH Buffer Solutions (480 ml Per Bottle)
ECPHBUFKITC pH buffer kit, pH 4 (red), 7 (yellow), 10 (blue). Color-coded
ECPHBUFKIT   pH buffer kit, pH 4, 7, 10. Clear
ECBU4BTC   pH 4.01 buffer solution (red)
ECBU7BTC  pH 7.00 buffer solution (yellow)

pH 10.01 buffer solution (blue)

ECBU1BT pH 1.68 buffer solution
ECBU4BT pH 4.01 buffer solution
ECBU686BT pH 6.86 buffer solution
ECBU7BT pH 7.00 buffer solution
ECBU9BT pH 9.00 buffer solution
ECBU918BT pH 9.18 buffer solution
ECBU10BT pH 10.01 buffer solution
ECBU12BT pH 12.45 buffer solution
ECDPCBT Protein cleaning solution for pH electrode
ECRE005 Storage solution for pH electrode
ECRE006 Storage solution for 620 series electrode
pH Buffer Solutions (60 ml Per Bottle)
01X608001 pH 4.0 buffer solution (red)
01X607901 pH 7.0 buffer solution (yellow)
01X608101 pH 10.0 buffer solution (blue)
ORP Solutions (480 ml Per Bottle)
ECORPPRE Pre-treatment solution (475 mV)
ECORPQUIN Quinhydrone 263 (263 mV, ▒30 mV @ 25 ºC)
ECORPQUIN086 Quinhydrone 86 (86 mV,±30 mV @ 25 ºC )
Conductivity Standard Solution (480 ml Per Bottle)
ECCON84BT 84 ÁS/cm KCl calibration solution
ECCON100BT 100 ÁS/cm KCl calibration solution
ECCON500BT 500 ÁS/cm KCl calibration solution
ECCON1413BT 1413 ÁS/cm KCl calibration solution
ECCON2764BT 2764 ÁS/cm KCl calibration solution
ECCON1288BT 12.88 mS/cm KCl calibration solution
ECCON1118BT 111.8 mS/cm KCl calibration solution
ECCON5000BT 5.0 mS/cm KCl calibration solution
TDS 442 Standard Solutions (480 ml Per Bottle)
EC44250BT 50 ppm 442 calibration solution
EC442300BT 300 ppm 442 calibration solution
EC4421000BT 1000 ppm 442 calibration solution
EC4423000BT 3000 ppm 442 calibration solution
Salinity (NaCl) Standard Solutions (480 ml Per Bottle)
ECNACL5PPT 5 ppt Nacl calibration solution
ECNACL25PPT 25 ppt Nacl calibration solution
ECNACL45PPT 45 ppt Nacl calibration solution
Refilling Reference Electrolytes (480 ml Per Bottle)
ECRE001 Saturated Potassium Chloride with Silver Chloride for single junction pH electrodes
ECRE002 Saturated Potassium Chloride for double junction pH electrodes
ECRE003 Sodium Chloride
ECRE004 Ammonium Chloride
ECRE015 Lithium Chloride in Ethylene Glycerol for organic samples
Storage Solutions (480 ml Per Bottle)
ECRE005 Storage solution for pH electrode
ECRE006 Storage solution for EC620130 series pH electrodes
Refilling Solutions (60 ml Per Bottle)
01X099803 Refilling solution for double-junction pH electrodes

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