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Buffer & Calibration Solutions

Packed in 480 ml durable plastic bottles. Available solutions:
- Buffer & Calibration for pH
- Buffer & Calibration for ORP
- Buffer & Calibration for Conductivity
- Buffer & Calibration for TDS
- ISE Calibration Standards
- Re-filling Electrolyte Solutions


Calibration Sachets (20 x 20 ml Per Box)

Economical NIST traceable sachets that are accurate and convenient to use.
- Vacuum-packed to protect against light, air and other contaminants.
- 3 simple steps: Insert electrode into sachet, calibrate and rinse.

- Available for pH, Conductivity and TDS


Computer Cables

Enables communication between the meters and PCs/printers with no infrared capabilities.


New and improved Grip-Clip™ electrode holder. Designed for use with a 3 mm ATC electrode, 12 mm pH electrode and a 16 mm conductivity or DO electrode.


Electrode Stand with Swivel Arm

Allows free-hand operation.


RS232 Thermal Printer

The convenience of printing directly from your meter whenever, wherever! This compact thermal printer connects easily to your 110 series handheld, 450 series waterproof handheld or 2700 series benchtop meters via RS232 – ideal for data-recording and report-generation. Connecting cables included.


Power Adapters

Replacement and optional adapters provide you with the power you need.


Hard Carry Case

Made of sturdy reinforced plastic, the kit comes complete with calibrating sachets and sample bottles, and is thoughtfully designed to hold your meter and electrodes. It's all you need for your outfield measurements.


Precision pH/mV Simulator

Handy, easy-to-use tool for testing accuracy of pH & mV meters. Pocket-sized pH simulator with simple push-button operation. Includes 1GΩ high impedance test, BNC-BNC connector and a low battery indicator.


Soft Carrying Case For Waterproof Testrs

- Suitable for all waterproof Testrs and EcoTestrs
- Protect your meter or take it anywhere with handy belt-loop.


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