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Use this innovative electrode accessory to save time while preventing electrode damage. Designed for use with a 3 mm ATC electrode, 12 mm pH electrode, and a 16 mm conductivity or DO electrode. Attach the Grip-Clip™ to your instrument when not in use or for single-handed measurement. It secures to most beakers without the need for a separate electrode arm. Keeps electrode(s) suspended during use, away from dangerous stir bars and out of harm's way. Easy-access opening allows for electrode replacement without removal of the electrode storage bottle. Allows for quick height adjustment of your electrode(s) to suit your sample container and individual preference. Don't break another electrode bulb or waste time with clumsy holders – use the Grip-Clip™!

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GRIPCLIP Grip-Clip™ ; includes separate electrode holder and beaker clip
15X648701 Grip-Clip™ – handy, electrode clip
15X648801 Grip-Clip™ – electrode, beaker clip

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Products > By Type > Accessories


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